Walk in the footsteps of Legends! Historical tour or "trip to the past" will appeal to lovers of history and antiquity. This interesting tour will start with a visit to Perge, which is only 15 km from Antalya. The ancient city, according to legend, founded by the Trojans led by the soothsayer Calchas, will surely deserve your attention. It provides a rich variety of ancient ruins and monuments, most related in the Roman era: Greco-Roman theatre, impressive 10,000 person stadium, Hellenistic gate of the city, the Agora, the Roman baths, the colonnades at the city's main street, fountain and cascade channel.

   The nearby (50 km) ancient Greco-Roman city of Aspendos was located on the river Eurymedon ( Köpruçay), was the largest city of ancient Pamphylia, the center of culture and trade of the southern region of present-day Anatolia, one of the first cities to mint its own coin in the 5th century BC. here was established a school of Philosophy, where many philosophers of the time studied. The beautifully preserved and restored Aspedos amphitheater, built in 155 ad, is a major tourist attraction and destination . Having previously accommodated up to 55,000 spectators, with excellent acoustics and stage decor. Currently used for important cultural events, festivals and concerts.

    This is followed by a tour of the beautiful ancient city of Side, on the coast. Small in area, but with a rich past, which is evidenced by numerous ruins, port, colonnades and three temples -  one of which is the temple of Apollo, which is very popular. On the way back to Antalya, we will visit the Kurshunlu Waterfall, cool down and enjoy the views, making a huge number of pictures for your memory . 


* Departure from Antalya at 07 30

* Visit ancient Perge

* Visiting Aspendos

* Transfer to side and Apollo temple in side, walk around the city

* Lunch

* Visit to the Kursunlu waterfall

* Return to Antalya 18: 00

Departure Places: Hotel or designated point on the main road
DatePer personChild
55,000 - 5 Age Free
6 - 12 Age 50,00
The days the tour is organized: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Departure Places

    Children 0-5-free of charge, seat is not provided 

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