Cappadocia is one of the most mysterious and unforgettable places in Turkey, the world's largest open-air Museum - an intriguing world of antiquity, shrouded in legends and mysteries. The unique geological landscapes of the area, which were formed millions of years ago, thanks to frequent volcanic eruptions, will amaze the imagination . During the volcanic activity of the earth, this area was covered with variable geological rocks and tuff (porous rock). Then came a period of erosion; turning these substances into pillars of bizarre shapes: mushrooms, silhouettes of animals, human faces, etc. The climate and soil produce excellent wines from: red, green and black grapes.

   On the other hand, Cappadocia is known as the center of spiritual Orthodox life, there is reason to believe that the first Christian cathedrals originated in this region, the ancient churches with their priceless Holy icons are well preserved to this day. During the tour You will get acquainted with the ancient dwellings carved directly into the rocks, numerous caves and even entire underground cities - one of which could accommodate up to 10 thousand inhabitants! The region of Cappadocia includes several cities, each of which carries a huge historical and cultural heritage: the open-air Museum Goreme, the fortress city in the rock Uchhisar, the village of potters Avanos, Urgup with its wine cellars, the Valley of Pigeons, Valley of Love, the Pink Valley .... – this is an amazing place that attracts the attention of tourists from all over the world!



Day 1.

* Departure 05: 30.

* Stop for Breakfast in the mountains - Tinaztepe (Extra)

* Visit Konya and the Mevlana Museum 

* Lunch (EXTRA)

* Arrival in the region and visit the underground city of Serhatli

* Inspection of the "Three beauties" (fairies chimneys )

* Visit to Urgup valley and city tour 

*  Arrival at the 4* Hotel, accommodation.  

*  Dinner

Day  2.  

* Breakfast 

* Visit the Devrent valley and stop with panoramic views

* Visit the valley of the monks 

* Visiting the stone Church 

* Visit the valley and the fortress city of Uchhisar

* Lunch in the valley of Uchisar, overlooking the castle (EXTRA)                                 

* Stop with panoramic views of the valley of Pigeons

* Tour of the " stone house»  

* Stop with panoramic views of the Goreme valley 

* Visit the valley of Love

* Visit the village of Chavushin and the stone Church of The same name

*  Return to the 4* Hotel.

*  Dinner 

• Presentation of "a Night in Cappadocia" (EXTRA)     

Day  3.

* Breakfast and depart hotel

* Visit to the pottery center – Avanos village  

* The longest river in Turkey is Kyzylyrmak 

* Stop in the city of Aksaray  

* Visit to the Caravanserai

* Lunch in Konya on the way back (EXTRA)                                            

* Return 20: 00 

Departure Places: The hotel or designted point on the main road
DatePer personChild
130,000 - 4 Age Free
5 - 12 Age 120,00
The days the tour is organized: Tuesday, Friday
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